Tuesday, September 17, 2013

From the State of Independance...

We left Saturday evening around 8pm, drove through the night and arrived at our farmhouse around 1pm. We made a few stops along the way, and overall, it was a great trip. It seemed to actually go pretty quickly, which was nice. Bryan and I switched places driving, as soon as the road lulled one of us into a hypnotic, cross eyed slumber. That seemed to be about every two hours, but it worked out well. Around 6am, we stopped for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and then continued on.



Ahhh, at long last!

Before we got the farmhouse, we stopped to see my grandpa, and pick up some of the stuff we had shipped up with him last week (all of our hanging clothes, which was a lot!). And it was there, that we saw the biggest praying mantis we have ever seen!

 And then, at long last, we pulled into the long and beautiful driveway of our new home for the next two weeks!

The kids room.

The sitting area in the kids room.

Our room.

My sister and Jens' room.

Our playroom/school room.

Our view over the garden (look at all of those watermelons!).

The Buckman boots.

The kids found a new friend on our first day. This does not excite me, even a little bit, as I am super allergic to cats. Needless to say, this type of picture will not be seen again, as they are instructed to only touch with hands, NOT picking the cats up.

After we unpacked, and had lunch, we went to the grocery store for a major house-filling, shopping spree. But now we are all set. After that, we headed to my grandparents house for dinner.

Bunnies run around here, just like lizards run around everywhere in Florida.

After dinner, Bryan played soccer/run around with a ball, and then we went home and crashed.
It is so good to be here!


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