Monday, September 16, 2013

From the road...

**I wrote this two days ago, but just now have the internet service to post it... ahhh, life on the farm!**

We are on the road to Pennsylvania, as we speak. After all the drama with Lilly's foot this past week, we are so ready to enjoy a little break. Our vacation started with an annual Back to School Party at Bryan's parents. This year's theme was a jungle safari, which was super fun. There was tons of food with fun themed names, and lotsa friends (and lotsa babies too!), and swimming. It was a great time.

Our car was packed full, with suitcases and blankies, and snacks, ready for us to change into driving clothes, and head straight for the Pennsylvania!

As you can see, her foot and leg are almost back to normal.

The biggest highlight of the evening, was when a huge storm came up. We quickly moved under cover. All of a sudden, we heard a huge CRACK, loud enough to make us all jump and scream! We looked out front, and saw the tree beside the neighbor's house on fire. There were flames six feet high. Bryan, and two other guys ran over to put it out, while Brittany called 911, and all of the children piled onto the porch to watch the excitement... I'm hoping the next party I go to will be free of 911 calls!

After the storm, there was a beautiful double rainbow to see us off as we headed for the farm.
Up next... tons of pictures from the BEAUTIFUL state of Pennsylvania!

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  1. Seriously! No more 911 calls!
    Wow that double rainbow is amazing! I don't think I've ever seen one like that where you can see each color so clearly.
    Enjoy your time away! I'm sure your having fun on the farm!