Monday, September 30, 2013

Finishing up.

We've been home for three days now, the laundry is done and put away, the suitcases have returned to the closet, and life is back to normal. Whatever "normal" is.

Anyway, I'm ready to move on, but want to post the last remaining pictures from our wonderful vacation. It should be said that several of the pictures in this post, and the last two, have contained pictures taken by my sister or Jens, just wanted to throw a shout-out out there.

This past Sunday, we went church as a family, and were thrilled to be able to hear my cousin sing on the worship team in the service. After church, we rocked family lunch and playtime at my Aunt and Uncle's house.

I see the following pictures, and my heart thinks "Hellooo motorcycle man!" and my singing self wants to sing a little song about "a big man on a little bike"...

Super smart are the people that think to themselves "saving a giant box for the kids to play in would be a great idea!"

At some point in the day, the girls decided to put on a show, complete with acrobatics and gymnastic stunts. All of the family spilled out onto the back porch in support. We clapped, and said "Ooo" and "Ahhh" and smiled and laughed.


Before we left, all of Grandma's granddaughters and great granddaughters got together for a picture. Oh, how I love getting to spend some time with these girls!!

That evening, we went home for a dinner on the farm with Becky & Jens, my parents and the kids. We enjoyed an amazing cloud covered sunset, and some sports with our friends.

The next morning, we really had no plans, so we spent a few hours sight seeing. Below is a picture of a farmer harvesting corn, and the tobacco drying in the barn. We scouted out of few covered bridges just for fun, and absolutely soaked in the scenery. It's so hard to get used to the acres and acres of wide open farm space. It is breathtaking, and something I am so unaccustomed to seeing in my daily life. (Although sometimes the smell of cow poop is breath taking as well.)



We met up with Becky, Jens and Ines, and my grandfather for lunch, after a trip to the Kitchen Kettle Village (which is a little touristy area in Intercourse).

After lunch, grandpa asked Bryan to help him load some merchandise from his Amish friend Steve Esh. Well that was a heck of an interesting experience. That guy is a real character. Funny. Grandpa introduced me to Steve Esh, and he said "Amy? I thought that was a boy's name. Does that come from Amos?" The two of them stood there and haggled prices, and talked about their health and future plans. While the two of them carried on, the rest of us checked out his swing and corn fields.

After we left Steve Esh, we all went to the best place on Earth for Ice Cream. Seriously. Lapp Valley Farm, you moooove me. This was last years post about where all of my dairy dreams came true...
The ice cream drive-through, it's even horse and buggy accessible.

After that it was back to the farm for family dinner and story time with Mimi. 
Tuesday morning Becky, Jens and Ines went home.
I was about to go on, and post all of the fun and exciting pictures from the farm show and the Ephrata Parade, and the rest of our time on the farm, but I just dropped my laptop on the tile floor, and it is virtually lifeless, except for the strange beeping. The rest of my vacation photos are tucked neatly away in Neverland outerspace, who knows if they will ever be seen again. So on that note, I will end this vacation post by saying that we had SUCH a great time in pennsylvania. Our family, friends, and our hosts were amazing, and we can't wait to go back!

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