Sunday, August 25, 2013

Silence is Golden.

Once you have kids, you realize that unless you're alone, silence is not golden. It usually means that someone is painting their body and the white Pottery Barn towels in the bathroom, or applying makeup, or cutting the tails off of the toy horses, or drinking my coffee, or calling the nail studio from the cell phone, or removing all of the toilet paper from the roll... I could go on.
This past week however, was an unusually quiet week around the house. There were several rainy days, and super hot muggy days, and well, we just stayed inside a lot this week. The kids have been homeschool champions, knocking out two days of work at a time most days, and after a hard days work, they absolutely LOVE to just sit and play with each other. And so that is what we did.
And it was quiet around here. And it actually was golden. Just so that I never forget these nice and quiet moments, I have captured them for all of us to enjoy, and reflect back on for years to come.
Here are some scenes from the home front:
Hello Cwabby.

Goodbye Cwabby.
A spider web after the rain.

One afternoon, the kids (on their own free will) went upstairs to read. They were up there for a good hour, just quietly reading. It was wonderful.

My grandmother read these Francis books to my sister and I all the time when we were little. I can totally remember her voice singing Frances' little songs, and reading these very same words. We'll be seeing her in September, and I am hoping my kiddos get to enjoy her reading as well.

During the day, the playroom usually looks a little like this. At the end of the night, every night, it gets completely cleaned up before the kids go to bed. Last night the kids did a super fast job cleaning up, so I pulled out a little something special for them.
A while ago, I got these itty bitty cute jars of preserves, and saved them for something special for the kids. They were so excited to each have their own jar, and be able to spread their own jam at snack time before bed.

Gracie leaves us tomorrow. Bella has been an excellent baby sitter, and will miss her.

Some friends gave Grady this snake today at church, and he has been playing with it ever since. It sat at the table with us tonight at dinner, and sometimes it hides itself out in the grass, and then of course, Grady has to go find it...

Bailey is on the lookout also.

On one final note, I have some exciting news. After two months of diligently studying for hours every single day (except in St. Augustine), my super smart husband has passed all three exams to become a Commercial and Residential General Contractor. The exams were the hardest part, now he's got to work on all of the licensing stuff,  but we are SO VERY proud of him! Of course that means that this week we celebrated with screams of joy, and dancing and balloons tied to a kitchen chair in front of a "Celebrate!" plate for dinner.

We have so much to be thankful for around here, whether is quiet or crazy, these are the moments that I don't want to forget or take for granted.  Every day there's a reason to thank God for this life He has given, and I want to live being grateful and thankful, and so very aware of my blessings.

For now, goodnight, and have a great week!

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