Saturday, August 31, 2013

Camera Phone Highlights.

I've been cleaning out some of the old photos in my camera, and couldn't pass on sharing these. It should be noted that my cell phone is NOT the nicest, newest thing on the market, and really the quality is not great. None the less, here are some of my favorite moments over the last few years, in no particular order.




In the picture below, we were shopping at Target, when I looked down to see Grady sitting there in the cart with no shirt on. "Where's your shirt?" "I don't know." I found it laying on top of the lunch meat...


The picture below is our first any only hospital trip to date. It was for Lilly, who was having some serious breathing problems.





The other day we left a birthday party, and I told Lilly she could eat her candy when we got home, but that she was not allowed to eat it in the car... She fell asleep on the way home, but did not want to risk loosing her candy...


The End!
And Happy Saturday to ya!!

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