Friday, August 16, 2013

A week of fun and firsts.

It's been a week since I have written anything here, and I was beginning to miss it.
I've been fighting a sore throat and cough, and coupled with some work related stress, I've been making an effort to maintain my sanity and health, and have been going to bed early, instead of staying up writing blog posts... whatever.
So here it is, this week in review...We started off this week by welcoming my aunt and uncle and cousins from Pennsylvania, and their friends, to our house on Saturday morning for a little weekend fun. The kids were in heaven, with all of these new playmates at our house, and of course I was just loving me some family time.
Sunday, we went to church and added my parents to the mix, and then all came back home for the classic favorite, "grill-a-palooza" for lunch. 

Three out of six cousins.

Monday started our first day of school, here at The Buckman School, and in good motherly fashion, I paraded my kids outside with their backpacks for a picture. It must be said, we are so glad to be back to school. I guess most parents say that. We truly missed the routine, and the structure that fills our morning. As much as we have enjoyed parks and picnics and playdates, Bryan and I really love teaching these children of ours.

My sweet Bella Grace is 6 yrs old. and starting 2nd Grade this year.
Grady is 4 yrs old, and rockin' Kindergarten.

And little Lilly is almost 3 yrs old, and will be working on some letters, numbers, and arts & crafts.

Tuesday marked the first day of dance class this season for the girls. Lilly has been watching Bella for a few years now, and has been patiently waiting for her turn. It's amazing to me how one looks so big, and the other looks so small.

Lilly's in a class of 3&4 yr. olds, doing ballet and tap.

Bella is with the 6-8 yr olds, and is taking ballet and jazz this year.

After giving Grady the choice of soccer, T-ball, gymnastics or karate, he has chosen gymnastics, so we will be starting that with him soon.

Moving on, later in the week, we embarked on a little vicarious vacationing, and joined our family for some fun in the sun at Orange Lake Resorts. I think the two favorites were floating around and around as a family herd in an enormous lazy river, and rolling down the water slide over and over. We have so enjoyed spending time with our family, and can't wait to see them again in a few months.




Oh, how I love the ebb and flow of life, that keeps it interesting. A little bit of fun and new, and a little bit of normal and routine. It's all good. And sometimes it's good to take a week and go bed early.

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  1. Such a perfect week for us all! The weather, while hot, was ideal for the pool and beach! Such sweet times with the Floridian Rutts! Looking forward to the days ahead when the entire family will be together! Love you!