Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation: Things loved, and other fun things.

We're home now, and all is back to normal. Five million loads of laundry have been done and put away, the pantry and frig are re-stocked, and the suitcases are empty and have returned their places in the closet. It's good to be home. It was good to see Bailey again, and it was good to be back at church with our friends this morning.

All that being said, I'm finishing up this vacation post, and remembering what a great time we had with our family. I loved countless trips to the beach and the pool, and then back again. I loved not setting an alarm, or having anywhere to rush to. I loved that the grown ups stayed up playing games together long after the kids went to bed. I loved family meals.  I loved sand in my toes, and wind in my hair.

Where's Waldo? (Or Grady?)

I loved three children that played well together and got along with each other.

I loved seeing dolphins, and sea turtles, and a fish named Diana.

I loved sunset family walks on the beach.

I loved quiet mornings, arts & crafts, and baby lovin'.


 I loved little wet bodies, wrapped up like a baby in towels.
One evening we went down to the jetty to watch the cruise ships roll out to sea. We waved and yelled out "have a great trip", and then we laughed about how much we hate the boat drill where everyone stands on the deck in a hot, nasty, life jacket while they take roll, and wait for that one character that is hiding under their bed, or in the shower trying to skip out on the drill...

We went to the Wild Adventure show, where we all got to pet and hold alligators, skunks, hedgehogs, snakes, tarantulas, etc... The kids LOVED it!


We settled on the names "Nick & Sally" (so original...Cat in the Hat) for the baby doves. They didn't fly away while we were there, but they were sure looking ready.

One morning we were able to watch a rocket launch from just a few miles away. It was so much louder than I expected.

I loved hanging out on the beach with my kiddos.
We made a fish pool out of a hole lined with a garbage bag. Bryan and Dan caught at least seven fish, that were all swimming around in the pool. Don't worry, it's a catch and release pool.

We went to Millikin's Reef for dinner on the water one night, and then headed to the beach for some family photos. There's an "I love" right there! I love takin' pictures!

The best part of this last week, was just being together with family. It was making memories. There were lots of things that I didn't get pictures of, like a heroic and slightly dangerous mermaid rescue, a birthday celebration, someone winning lots of rounds of Rummikub and Mexican Dominoes (not naming any names), and all of our family style home cooked dinners. There was lots of laughter and smiles and hugs and kisses, and lots of happy noise (sorry about all of that noise, baby Elise!). It was so good. And while being back to normal is nice, I sure do love vacation! Thank you Buckmans, for a wonderful trip!

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