Thursday, July 25, 2013

Scenes from the backyard.

Have you ever been down and out, stranded and in need of a trustworthy repair man (or woman)?

Well you're in luck, wait no more.
Lilly is well trained and qualified, and taking new clients. She knows, as does every good technician, that windshields are to be hammered, and if you don't have a tool belt, you just put those tools right in your skirt, and safety goggles are a must.

While you may have a long wait, please understand that it is because great time goes into making sure every detail is taken care of, including "wrenching your tires".

So for all of your car carpentry needs, call Lilly.
Her customers are always satisfied with her terrific service.


  1. Go Lilly! Just like a Rutt...fixing cars, plumbing, electrical stuff, and just loving tools!!!