Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Vacation Things.

As we're finishing up our last day here, I'm hurrying to get through all of the way-too-many pictures I took over the past week. The rest of the family all went down to the pool for one last hoorah before dinner and packing up the car, but I am all sunned out. And the quiet is nice. Since I'm in a hurry to get busy packing, I'll be short on words. Hello, and goodbye, and here are some happy things from the first half of our vacation... 
~Playing Gator Checkers with Nana in the morning.
~There was a putt-putt mini golf course at the hotel, so one morning we played a round.


I'm not sure who won, but I am sure it wasn't me.

~Kissing the lobby fish.

~This was the view from our room, overlooking the jetty. The cruise ships came and went throughout the week, and everyone watched and waved.

~After dinner walks on the beach. On this particular evening, we went back to the beach as the sun was starting to set. The weather was perfect, still nice and warm, but without the scorching sun rays.

While everyone walked on ahead, Bella made a trail of hearts in the sand. She would run a few steps, then draw a heart, run and stop to draw a heart. As other people walked past all of her hearts, they smiled. And that made me smile.

Aunt Brittany and Baby Elise.
We love them.

At this point in the evening, several funny events lead to lots of laughter, and that is just good stuff. There was a group doing calisthenic exercises near the rocks, a pregnant woman and her man rockin a photo shoot (including dressing changes behind a towel, sitting on sea roach covered rocks in fancy white linen pants, an awkward photographer assistant, and statements like "pretend like I just told you a funny joke"), and a guy trying to fish with his cast net, while Grady kept trying to tell him about how he also has a cast net, and how he also likes to go fishing...

And here we are...

~"The Baby Alligator Sancuary". This is where I am the person that feeds the baby alligators, and they like me. This is the picture of my favorite baby alligator. He told me that I like him the best.

~Water Slides (Bella's favorite).

~The Buckman Men.

~Playing on the beach.

~Little girl pigs in the sand.

And one last happy thing...
~Bryan's mama brought matching flip flops for all of the girls . Yay!
And that's the end for today, more happy vacation fun to come.

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