Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good Morning to ya!

Good Morning to ya!
In case you ever wandered what a four year old alligator looks like up close, you're in luck! This guy loves to pretend to be an alligator at every opportunity, and several inches of water make the perfect environment. This alligator, however, reminds me a little of The Rock, as he speaks about himself in character, and in the third person. For example: "Mom! Take a picture of the alligator!" "Mom! Watch out! The alligator is coming!" "MOM!! Look! The alligator is gonna catch a fish to eat!" "Mom! Get a picture of the alligator's giant teeth!" and "Mom! Do you knooooooow what the alligator is cookin'?" Just kidding on that last one.


It's a fun game. And I never guessed that I would so love an alligator!
Lilly is still in love with her "durls", however now I think they are correctly and very grown-up-ly called "girls".  I still call them durls. Whatever.
 "Hey durls! What's up? Wanna go to a party?"

And this one is all about swimming in the deep end. She might be part fish.

A big "THANK YOU" to our friends for letting us use their community pool.
Have a great day!

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