Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

Hi beach baby! How are ya?
This past week, before the downpours, and the tropical storm, and the days of endless rain, we rocked a beach day with CC friends. The weather was amazing. It was warm and super breezy. I was vigilant with the sunscreen on the kids, but neglected to put it on myself since I didn't "feel like I was getting anything"...several second degree burns later, and I'll never do that again!
For a while, the beach was empty except for our group. So many of the conversations revolved around summer plans and vacations and finishing up school for the year. I was able to learn from several mamas about their curriculum, and what works for them, and what doesn't. I love getting different perspectives. Sometime that means I'll make some changes, and sometimes I realize that we're good right where we are. But either way, I love hearing what other people are doing.
Our homeschooling process looks different than most, with both parents working and both parents teaching. I think it leads us toward more structure, which has both positives and negatives. So far what we're doing works for us, and right now we're rockin' a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.

The absolute highlight of Grady's time at the beach was playing with the fish in the bucket.

One of the dads made this trench for the kids to race through. I can honestly say, I don't think setting up this scenario would have ever crossed my mind. Dads. They're good for stuff like trench races.

There was a great turnout, and I'm pretty sure a repeat event is being scheduled (without the burns though, please and thank you!).
This weekend is Bella's dance recital, and we can't wait!
She has been giddy, and excited, and nervous and smiley, and confident and assured all at once.
Until next time, Happy Weekend!

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