Wednesday, June 26, 2013

ohhh, whadda week...

Saturday morning, I came downstairs, and Barkley was limping, completely not putting any weight on his back leg. I had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom, and back to his bed. He didn't want to hop anywhere. I checked him out, did every assessment I could thing of, and couldn't find anything amiss. No snake bites, no rocks in the paw, nothing bleeding or swollen, no movement that made him flinch or yelp. I finally just chalked it up to a pulled muscle.

Yesterday, three days later, he was still refusing to put weight on it, so we took him to the vet. It turns out that he has a torn doggy ACL. We are trying two weeks of anti-inflammatories, to reduce the pain, and see if anything changes, but the vet pretty much said that without surgery he won't be fixed. The surgery is expensive ($1500), and not guaranteed. In fact, she said if he jumps up to run after a squirrel, or up the stairs, or onto the rocks, the new fishing line ligament could snap, and we would be right back where we are now.

Ohhh, this dog is our friend. And I knew days like this would come eventually, but this just really stinks. For nine and a half years he's been our little protector and friend. And now he barely moves. I used to hold this guy like a little baby, before I had any babies of my own to hold. And now my heart is hurting. We've started preparing the kids for the various possibilities, and talked a little bit about putting him to sleep, and explained that dogs are different than people, and how sometimes the hardest decision is the right one, but that is such a hard concept for them to understand. Needless to say, this feeling of impending doom has slightly strained my thoughts.

This week we've been busy working on our Summer 2013 Bucket List, adding more things and crossing off a few. One of our list items was to go to Menchie's for Fro-Yo to celebrate the end of the school year.

And today we spent a good bit of time just playing and hanging out around the house. I did need to make a super quick trip to "War-Mart", so to make the shopping trip a little less painful, I let the kids take a shopping cart, a stroller full of plastic babies, and an alligator.

This one move may have saved my sanity for the day.


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  1. oh no, poor Barkley! How's he doing these days? I'll be praying he heals up and you don't have to make any tough decisions quite yet.