Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hodge Podge of Abundance.

So tonight I was reviewing some of my pictures from earlier this month, only to discover that I have a whole bunch of randomness, just waiting to be used in an "Abundance" post. So here it goes, my hodge podge list of random, wonderful, abundance in which I am immeasurably thankful for.
-Family fun and swimming pools.
We spent the evening swimming and grilling and eating a delicious dinner at Bryan's parents house. I love this picture of my crazy boy splashing his sister.

The following series of pictures is the anatomy of a cannon ball demonstrated by a grown man... It is best viewed in high speed sequence.


Ok, so whenever I actually want to post a video on this little blog, I have the most difficult time figuring it out, and almost always just skip it. For some reason, that series of separate pictures above have all joined together and made a video ON.THEIR.OWN. I have absolutely no idea how this happened below, and I'm finding it very strange. He just keeps going and going and going... And there is no play or pause or stopping him. It's almost as if the computer heard me say "It is best viewed in high speed sequence". Weird, right?!

 Anyway, we had a fun time.
-Our vegetables.
While our little urban garden is so far from the acre of wide open vegetable garden heaven that we dream of, we celebrate the veggies we harvest in the present. 

-Florida Sunsets.

-Florida Lightening Storms.

They haunt me. They are everywhere I go. I can not escape them. This must be part of motherhood...

Yes, I realize that some of these pictures are a few weeks old. You will realize this too, when you notice that both of my girls had long hair and Bella had an extra tooth in the pictures below...

"Bella, look! A tree frog! Let's catch it!"
"Ok, Grady!"

Brother to the rescue.

-Park & Picnic.
We've been doing a park and picnic play date at least once a week, and that is just good for moms and kiddos alike.

- Homeschool!
This week Bella finished 1st grade, and Grady finished Pre-K. We had some other homeschoolin' mamas and kids over for a little homeschool evaluation party, and managed to fit in some brunch and play time too. I actually really enjoyed this evaluation. A certified Florida teacher came to our house and reviewed Bella's portfolio including her progress reports, reading list, written work, graded tests, science experiments, art projects, etc... and then passed her to on to 2nd grade. Hooray!
This girl is a reading machine. She LOVES it. She recently adopted one of my old Bibles, and has been found reading it in her bed by flashlight after bedtime, and taking it in the car to read while we drive. That makes this mama smile.
-Food Truck Bazaar.
One Sunday evening, we got together with a bunch of friends and sat around in a parking lot talking and eating. That's just fun. I didn't manage to take any pictures of the grown ups, or the wide variety of delicious foods that we all ate, or of any of the fun trucks, but I did get a picture of my sweet mama entertaining the kids with her stories.

-Father's Day.
This weekend we headed to Melbourne to celebrate both Father's Day and my mama's birthday.
We did some playing, and swimming, and Maggie the Dorkie joined us in her little boat. What could be more fun than a dog in a box floating in the pool?

Oh, be still my heart. I love these sweet faces.

And my daddy, I sure love him too.
Happy Sunday to you!
 Have a great week!


  1. What a wonderful assortment of abundance there is in this post! There's so much love and caring in these photos.

    I totally thought you made those pictures into a video on purpose! Wow, that's so weird!

    Also i found out quite by accident one day that if out want to upload a video just click "insert image" and "choose file" just like you would for a regular photo. I've tried loading videos through the "insert a video" button but it never works for me that way.