Monday, June 3, 2013

Baby Curls and Big Girls.

We got home from a trip to the beach, and raced to get ready for Bella's dance class that was starting in less than an hour. Showers for everyone, cleaning sand out of ears, and hair, and everywhere else.  As I conditioned Bella's hair for the third time, and worked at the wind blown knots, she pleaded as always "Please mama, can't you just cut my hair?". I have been promising her that after her recital, we would cut it, because it needs to be long enough to stay up in the bun.
Maybe it was the sunburn, or the sand in my ears, or the hurrying to get the knots out of her long curly hair, but I lost all intelligent thought. With fifteen minutes until we had to be out the door, I grabbed a scissors, and started cutting. This is the point where I should insert something about never doing this at home. Seriously, never do this at home. The more I hurriedly rushed to make it even, the worse (and shorter) it got. Finally, I had to tell myself to "just put the scissors down", and I knew we would need professional help.
The next morning, I decided it would be a good idea to cut little sister's hair as well. Summer is here, and she wanted a hair-cut too. It seems silly, but I had such a hard time saying goodbye to this last bit of baby-ness in our house. But then I realized that only big girls carry three purses full of little shop pets at a time, while standing all hands-on-the-hips in outfits she picked out, wearing pearls and wedge sandals.
Oh, how I want to remember these sweet, blonde baby girl curls that grace the head of my spunky, quirky, little Lilly.

So Saturday morning, the boys went fishing, and the girls went the hairdresser. It was the first time for both girls at a "real" hairdresser.

 And then to complete our girls trip, we did a little grocery shopping with new, fancy, beautiful hair.

Happy Monday to ya!
Have a great week!


  1. Precious! I remember when children gave themselves hair cuts or better yet, neighbor’s children and it was not fixable for weeks! But somehow it makes for a Kodak moment and memory. :D The girls look adorable and hair does grow back. Chel and Lex were 2nd and 4th grade when they decided to cut the locks. After a year they decided they liked ponytails and buns… we have never done more than a trim. :D Have a blessed week!

  2. Aw, I understand. I had a hard time cutting my boys hair too!
    I think Bella and Lilly's new haircuts look adorable! They still have curls and it'll be so nice and easy for the summer.

  3. The girls look precious!