Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A date with my girl.

Bryan and I have been trying to make more of an effort to spend time alone with each of our kids. We've always felt that it's important to really know them, and their individual personalities, but it's hard to do that without spending time alone with them. I'm finding that Bella is more likely to talk, like really talk, when we're on our own, and my attention is not divided.
My camera goes pretty much everywhere I go, so when we loaded up for a mama/Bella bike ride, Bella asked to take her camera as well. My mom bought her the white camera below for her birthday this year, and sister is becoming quite the little photographer.
On a side note, I LOVE these cameras.  From the website: Built to resist shock when dropped from heights of up to 80 cm, to resist water up to depths of 3m, and resist dirt, the COOLPIX S30 welcomes hands of all sizes to shoot with it in carefree fashion. It's also safe to use it at the pool and around water. 10.1 effective-megapixel CCD image sensor. EXPEED C2 image processing engine. 720p movie recording.
All of that basically means that they're GREAT for kids, and perfect for me to take on bike rides or canoe trips or any other adventure that I don't want to risk injury to my beloved DSLR.
As we rode, she saw things along the way that caught her attention, like a vulture eating an armadillo, or flowers that she thought were "Look mama! That is so beautiful!". We would stop on a whim, take a picture, and then carry on with our ride.

That above, became this...

And this above, was that... 


My girl never ceases to amaze me. She rode a total of 5.2 miles. There were some tears and struggles on the way home, but sister continued on, and she made it. She was hot, sweaty and tired, but she was proud of her hard work and her effort. I was proud of her too. And as it turns out, she can take some beautiful pictures!


  1. Dear Bella,

    I really love your flower photography! God sure makes beautiful things in nature, doesn't He? He really loves and cares about every little detail in our lives. And you capture the beauty of His creation very well in your photos. My favorite is the big bright yellow one - is that a Hibiscus? Thanks for sharing your photos with us. :)


    1. Thank you, Kelley! She LOVED getting a message just for her!

  2. Wow, Bella! Your photos are so beautiful! Great job!