Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List in progress...

So this year, we joined in on the summer bucket list mania, and made one of our own. We tried to stay away from adding the things that we normally do anyway, like go to the pool, or go to the beach, or park & picnic with friends, etc... I say "we" made a list, however it was really just the kids and I (but mostly the kids). Bryan's only contribution was that he did not want to "melt", as in standing outside playing putt-putt, just to say we did...

It's a work in progress, this list, in that we keep coming up with ideas of things to add. Even if we only get around to completing half of it, I love just being purposeful in our days. I don't want to be sitting here at the end of August, and wonder where the summer went.

If you have a bucket list for the summer feel free to add some of it in the comments section below. I'd love to know what you'll be up to, and I might shamelessly copy some of your ideas! 
Happy Summer!!

2013 Summer Bucket List…
-pick blueberries
-feed the ducks at our pond
-celebrate the end of school with a trip for Fro-Yo
-do fireworks and sparklers
-walk on the beach at sunrise
-go on at least one date with my husband
-eat lotsa watermelon (continuously)
-have a water balloon fight
-go swimming in the kiddie pool
-visit the splash pads in: Lake Mary, Sanford, DeBary
-have a family picnic dinner outside on blankets
-**Celebrate TEN YEARS of marriage!!**
-go to breakfast with friends
-host a brunch with friends
-make ice cream
-lie on blankets at night and check out the stars
-go for a nighttime walk with flashlights
-collect seashells
-watch the sun set
-go for a bike ride with Bella
-make a homemade apple pie
-family slumber party in the living room
-go to the library and stock up on summer reading
-go fishing
-make homemade popsicles
-make sand castles
-go to Gatorland
-go feed the peafowl babies
-dance in the rain
-sleepover at Grandpa Guy’s house
-go to Sal’s Italian Ice after dinner
-do an evening beach trip with friends

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