Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So I had it in my plans to take the kids to this field for a photoshoot sometime while the wild flowers were still in bloom. We went this morning with Bryan's mom and sister, and my sweet little niece.

Bryan's mom made the girls these beautiful tutus this past Christmas, before Elise was even born, so we have been wanting to get some pictures of them, while they still fit.

This place would be better in the evening, I think. The lighting was super bright in some places, dark in others, and splotchy in between.

We had planned to do a dressing change and take some more pictures, but when I went to the car to get the clothes out... I realized I had locked my keys in the car... Oye. So we laid on blankets in the shade, counted the petals on flowers, and waited for the tow truck driver. It was such a pretty day, sunny, warm and breezy. Even if we weren't locked out, sitting on a blanket in the shade in a field of wild flowers, we probably would have been sitting outside at home enjoying the same weather anyway. I did feel bad for sweet baby girl though, who was not digging the whole outdoor experience. But 20 minutes later, the man arrived to save us, and popped that door open in 2 seconds.

On the way home, the kids and I talked about how there are some things in life we have control over and some things we don't. But we always have control over our attitude, and how we react to things that don't go as planned. It's a good reminder for me too.

Over the years I've learned that these little babes absorb so much just by watching how I react to circumstances, and then they reflect those same behaviors back in their own situations. And that makes me all the more aware of my need to just relax and choose a positive attitude, even when cars aren't working, and schedules are a mess, and kids are crying at karate class, and little girls with curly hair don't want to sit down in the shopping cart, and keys are locked in the car... It's just life, and it doesn't always go our way, and it's usually a little messy and chaotic, but we always have the choice of how we're going to live it.

 They're good kids, these loves of mine. Sometimes I think I'm preachin' just for my own benefit...

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  1. Wonderful lesson on attitude and how to react to the unexpected!