Sunday, May 5, 2013


What do you find on the ground when it's raining cats and dogs?
Poodles. haha.

I hate to start out this way, but I fear this post will be mostly meaningless. It's midnight, and I'm sitting beside the man of my dreams, as he lays under the car on the floor of the garage, covered in grease. I'm providing moral support, even though he's told me several times to go to bed. And every now and then I offer water or a paper towel, just so I feel useful.

I think it has rained every single day this week. It just so happens that our sweet friends Robyn and Jasmine loaded us up with all kinds of new (to us) toys, books and puzzles, which was perfect timing, as our outside time this week was limited. Thank you friends!!

All of this extra rain has been great for our little garden. Our green beans and tomatoes are on the move.


I have been giving my basil away left and right, and it continues to overwhelm me. If you live in the area and would like some, please let me know. I would be happy to share!

 "Come on Barbie, let's go party."

...because every teeny tiny frog needs an alligator ride.
...keep your friends close.

 "Ahhh! Run away durl!"

"Have no fear, Barbie riding on a lion is here."

Bella wrote a story about a boy named Mark and a kite. Great job, Bella!

"Come Grady, look at my new baby. She's just born."

"That's nice, Bella. Wanna be mommy and daddy alligators?"

"No! I have to take care of my baby!"
"Where's my baby Lise (Elise)? Bella took my baby Lise!"
"Hey Lilly, wanna be mommy and daddy alligators?"
(Big heavy sign) "Ok, Reedy."

And somewhere in the mix of homeschooling, karate, dance, Target, Publix, church, etc... we danced in the rain.

The end!
Happy Sunday to ya!


  1. =) this had us cracking up... your babies make some of the BEST faces! It helps Jasmine to pass things on knowing it is going to your sweet babies. Have fun!!

    1. Well we are so thankful for all of your many goods! We were just doing another one of your puzzles tonight. It surprises me how much they enjoy the more "grown up" puzzles. (You know, the ones with more than 24 pieces!)