Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Family Lovin'

Good Morning!
Happy Wednesday, to ya!

This weekend we got to soak up a little family time. We celebrated my father-in-laws birthday, with a cook out and a pool party. We also got to snuggle sweet baby Elise, take some family pictures while Bryan's grandfather was in town, and we had a fun time playing.



It's practically summer in Florida already, and we are loving some pool time! So far, Bella is a pretty good swimmer. Grady is doing really well, with assistance. And Lilly thinks she can swim which is scary. Because she can't. At all...

I think the highlight of the whole day for Bella was holding Baby Elise. She loved the fact that baby girl fell asleep while she was holding her. She said "she must know she is safe with me, Mama". Yep, I think so.

It's a wonder how a little family time can be refreshing. It's just good stuff.
Have a great rest of the week!


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  1. Lovely weekend for you! I love Bella’s comment that baby Elise felt safe with her. How precious and perceptive of her to think that way. Love you!