Monday, May 6, 2013

Faithful, Abundant and True

The ladies in our church just finished going through the Bible Study: Faithful, Abundant and True, by Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer. At the end of the study, they put together a Women's Half Day Retreat at The Shores Resort and Spa on Daytona Beach.


Our conference room was on the 11th floor and looked out over the beach to the east, and the river to the west. The room and decorations were beautiful. The lunch was delicious, and the company was great!

It was such a blessing to spend a few hours getting to know these women more. Their stories were touching and encouraging, and our time together was so refreshing.
After the retreat, I rushed back home to take Bella to the dance studio for her class photos.
Yes, I was totally "that mom" taking pictures through the glass. It happens.


This year the recital is an "Around the World" theme. She is doing a ballet to The Turkish March, and a tap to Walk like an Egyptian.

Whose kids is that!?

Oh how my little girl is growing up. It might be the make-up, but she just seems so much older these days.  She seems so reassured and confident, so happy and content. (It's not always there, but I'm seeing it more and more often.) I love you, my Bella Grace!

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