Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy News!

I am SO super excited to announce that my little sister has gotten married!
These two are laid back and relaxed, full of laughs, and just good fun to be around.

They were married in Denmark, where they both live. The wedding ceremony was done in English, and my parents were able to watch the whole thing on Skype, as one of my sisters friends held the phone.
"Hi Mom and Dad!"


And in one day, our family grew by a family. As we welcome Jens and his two daughters, we are so excited to have a new brother-in-law and two new nieces, and an uncle and two new cousins for our children.
Congratulations Becky & Jens, Ines and Alba!
We love you guys and wish you the best!
(And we can't wait to see you in September!)


  1. That's exciting!
    Congratulations to your sis and family!

  2. youre so sweet : ) thanks for sharing the photos and our happiness : ) we cant wait to see you all again soon!!! - Bec

  3. Congratulations!