Monday, May 20, 2013

Abundant Monday.

Truth be told, I have a lot of catching up to do, which means that this "Abundant" post is just a hodge podge of all the good stuff that we are thankful for around here lately. And there is a lot of goodness going on. So here it is, the abundance from our past week...

-Time with my mama and a street party.
My sweet mama came and spent a few days with us, watching our kids while Bryan and I had to work and go to classes. She went with us to Bella's dance class, and then afterwards we rocked a little picnic and live music at Sanford's Alive After Five Street Party.

This fun lady was just dancing her heart out.

-Mother's Day.
Bryan worked on Mother's Day this year, so we had planned to celebrate on Saturday. When I came home from work late Friday night, I walked into a beautiful surprise. The house was sleepy and quiet, but bursting with happy. The kids had decorated the living room and kitchen with ridiculous amounts of crepe paper. It was everywhere. Everywhere, as in tied in a knot around every door knob. One to two foot long pieces were draped over cabinet doors, couch arm rests, trampoline legs, and my fruit and veggie stand. Pink paper balls in crumpled piles speckled the floor and counter tops, and pink strings hung from the lights, and the curtain rods. There were flowers and cards waiting to be given, and all kinds of happiness bubbling up from this mama. I stood there and just imagined their sweet little faces giggling with excitement as they searched for more and more places to use every single bit of that pink roll of paper. And I was so grateful to my husband for letting them decorate in their own, over the top way.

On Sunday, we went to visit Bryan's mom, and wish her a Happy Day. We are so thankful for the mamas in our lives.

And this is my official Mother's Day picture...

-The Entertainment Budget.
Seriously, that sounds so silly, but the other day it was hot as blazes, and the kids and I wanted to spend a little time outside (without dying of heat stroke) so we packed up, went to Wal-Mart and bought a pool big enough for our whole family. And as we were driving home, I was thankful for Dave Ramsey and FPU, and the choice we made to have money waiting in a budget to be used for something entertaining.


-Spur of the Moment "hey, do ya wanna meet at the park?" Playdates.

-Dirty Laundry.
I find myself postponing the kids laundry as long as possible. It's usually not until someone's down to their last pair of undies, that I decide to conquer a mighty six or seven load laundry day, and get the whole house done in one day. It never fails though, as I'm loading or hanging or folding, I find myself being so thankful for the sweet friends and family that have given us so many clothes, new and used.

And as I saw these three hampers, all lined up, I paused to thank God for the three little lives they represent. So very thankful.

-Brunch and Pool Parties.
This week 8 mamas and at least twice as many kids met for brunch and some fun in the sun. And I am so thankful for the friends that God has given my children and me. We are so blessed by these relationships.

-New/old friends.
Thanks to the wonderful world of Book Face, as my husband so lovingly calls it, my friend Brooke and I reconnected after over twenty some years. Her parents were friends with my parents, and actually helped us move from Pennsylvania to Florida. We hadn't seen each other since we were little. Well anyway, now she and her husband, and their baby girl are looking to move to Florida.

So yesterday Brooke's family and my parents joined us for church, and a little grill-a-palooza after that. The children played, and we enjoyed getting to know some new/old friends!

Happy Monday to ya!
Have a great week, and keep your eyes open for God's abundance.
(Like little painted pigs in frilly skirts and cute sandals.)

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