Thursday, May 30, 2013

Driving down the freeway in the hot, hot sun.

Name that song...

Anyway, it's late May in Florida, and it's hot. We are super thankful for friends that let us crash their community pools. It seems a little bit like a fun vacation when we get to pack up some drinks, some floaties, a change of clothes, then hop in the car and go somewhere new for a little swimming.


This guy just figured out how to open his eyes underwater, hence the bloodshot eyes.

Thank you friends for making our summer so enjoyable!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ice Dreamin'.


Before Grandpa Guy went back to Pennsylvania, he and my mama came over and spent an afternoon and evening with us. The most exciting event of the day (only in competition with driving around craigslist shopping for a book shelf) was the suggestion of my mama to go get dinner at Chick-fil-a. While Chick-fil-a is indeed fun, going with my mama usually means leaving only after plenty of playing, followed by an ice-dream cone, and therein lies the excitement. These kids don't get a whole lotta sweets at The Buckman house, so a sweet treat is, well, sweet. And a treat....

The End!
Happy Wednesday to ya!

Monday, May 27, 2013

We Remember.

As we sat and waited for the parade to start, we talked about the meaning of Memorial Day, and why we celebrate it. Memorial Day is the day that we remember those who have died in active duty, during an American War. They gave their lives for the very freedoms we enjoy (and take for granted) every day, and those lives are worth remembering. We talked about some of those various freedoms, and what our lives might be like without them.

And as the parade progressed, we shouted "thank you!" and "thank you for your service!" to the many veterans and current service personnel. We waved hands and flags and smiled. And my heart was so full of gratitude. Gratitude for the lives lost, and the lives of those precious people that are here today, able to walk or ride, or roll in wheel chairs in this parade, and also remember their fallen friends.


If you have lost a loved one during active duty, today especially, we remember and recognize their sacrifice, and that of your family.  I thank you for your personal sacrifice for the freedom my family enjoys. Thank you!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ladies of Faith: Ladies Night Out

Last night somewhere between twenty and thirty ladies from church got together for a little evening of fun. My friend Sucre' asked the owners of this fantastic cafe' to open up just for us and host our special evening, and they agreed to.

The cafe' is directly across from Lake Monroe. They serve amazing sandwiches, salads, desserts and hand pressed fresh coffee, teas and hot chocolate. We sat outside on the porch and enjoyed the warm air, cool breeze, and a beautiful Florida sunset.


 The evening was beautiful, but the best part was the beauty of women sharing their lives. There was so much laughter and sweet fellowship and just goodness. Some of us were getting to know each other for the first time, and some of us have been friends for years and years. It was so good that the night was not even over, and we were already discussing when we could do it again.
Thank you ladies, for the gift of your friendship!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Oh, be still my heart, how I love him.
I love all four and a half years of noise, and dirt, and slimy creatures, and kissin' and huggin'.

He has eyes that are so brown, they're almost black, and hands that remind me so much of my daddy's.

He is smart, and silly, and funny, and sweet. He is tender and sensitive, and fights back the tears when he's unsure.

He loves fish, frogs, lizards, worms, snakes, alligators, sharks, hippos, and rhinos.

He loves building houses, cars, caves, cages, and boats.

He will fish for anything he can find; stuffed animals, baby dolls, clothing in the hamper, dogs and sisters.

He picks flowers to give to me, and waits expectantly for my smile and hug and enthusiastic "Oh Grady! I love it, it's beautiful! Thank you so much!", and then beams with satisfaction. He loves his mama.

Every night I make him promise that he'll never kiss any other girls other than me and his grandmas. "Never ever". So far, so good.

And I tell him that it's totally ok with me if he never wants to grow up, and wants to live in my house forever. He says "are you gonna cook me dinner? Then I'll stay."

Oh, I pray to remember these days, these precious moments. The hands, the eyes, the smiles, the silly, the sweet, the tears, and the sound of his voice.  I pray not to hurry and rush, but to be still and gentle and present. While he still kisses his mama, and loves her cookin', please let me cherish his days.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Burger Place, A Happy Place.

This morning we drove to Melbourne to spend a little time with my parents, my grandfather and our friend Cindy. We had it in our plans to spend the day swimming, and enjoying the Florida sun... Unfortunately, it rained, pretty much all day. So instead, we went to lunch at one of our favorite burger places ever. Not a bad deal!


The Burger Place is a restaurant in Downtown Melbourne, that serves up amazing burgers on buns that are so sweet they resemble doughnuts. You can pick whatever toppings you want to add (most for free) and even things like grilled mushrooms and onions are included. The atmosphere is fun and retro, and oldies cheerfully play in the background. They have recently moved to a new location that has a little outdoor patio which was perfect for dancing after lunch.



Oh, how we love grandpa. (And burgers. But mostly grandpa!)
Let's do this again soon!