Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sweet Baby Girl!

This past Thursday we all received new titles around here.
We became an Aunt and an Uncle and bunch of little cousins.
As soon as we found out that Bryan's sister Brittany was pregnant, we've been praying every night for both baby and mama to be healthy, and for a safe delivery. We were all so excited for this baby to come.
On Thursday we got the news. We loaded up and headed to the hospital. Bella wondered if her new cousin would like her, and Lilly wanted to give her a necklace.
As we walked in, Bella and Grady were slow and unsure. Lilly however moved straight in and waved to her saying "Hi Baby Lise!".
Introducing my beautiful niece, Elise Marie.

She is perfect. And so pretty. And we already love her bunches.


Congratulations Eric & Brittany!
We are so happy for you both.