Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Rules

Every family has rules. They may be spoken or unspoken, but they are there. We have found with our kiddos that consistency is key, and that our little babes respond well to boundaries and rules that are well established and enforced. When it comes to "rules" there is a negative connotation that follows that word. I rebel against that thought. Just as negative behavior needs a rule, good behaviors need to be a rule as well. And whether you are married or single or with or without children, I think some personal "rules" for life are a good idea.

Like every family, we have a bunch of do not's in this house, however there are certain things that remain a part of this family's dos:

Singing. Seriously, it just has to be part of our daily life, or else I might just shrivel up and die.

Smiling and laughter and silliness is another thing. It's practically a rule. I don't do grouchy attitudes. I can't do sulking or fits, or silent treatments or nastiness. It just doesn't work in this house. Issues are addressed and dealt with quickly and we move on. And taking a minute throughout a busy day to notice little girls dressed in a bathing suit, cowboy boots, a rain hat, and multiple strands of beads is worth a big smile. And knock knock jokes from six and four year olds can be hilarious. Life is just pretty darn funny sometimes, and it's worth seeking out the humor.

Another one is thankfulness. I don't care how hectic or stressful life gets, we need to stop and be thankful for so many things. Having that "attitude of gratitude" completely changes a mindset.

We have this list of family rules that hangs on our wall. I love it, and I think it's a good list, however it's missing a big one.

It's missing forgiveness. We're big on not holding grudges or recounting faults from the past (Bryan and I have many). It can be a hard lesson, but we teach our kids to forgive. In life there are people that need lotsa forgiveness. Those people are called... people. We all need it. We all mess up and hurt each other, sometimes unknowingly, and sometimes repeatedly. And at some point we have to decide whether a relationship is worth the truly hard work that life with other people can be, or not. But inside the walls of this family, we forgive.

Ok, one more good family rule is time together. We thrive on it. Just as we need time together with friends and extended family, we absolutely need time to be together, just the five of us.

The kid favorite from the wall list above: Hug Often. They walk around saying it, and then hugging. And that makes me smile.

Do you have any family rules you want to share? If so, I'd love to hear them. Post away in the comments section below. And Happy Monday to ya!!


  1. My favorite is "know that you are loved" from that list.

  2. I love your list, Amy! Can I copy it? :) ~Jessica

  3. We always taught our boys to treat girls like flowers. They have grown up into great husbands and fathers.

  4. Do unto other as you would have done unto you.