Monday, April 15, 2013

Belts, tornados and mating frogs.

Here's a little fun news from Chez Buckman... Grady has graduated to... get ready for it... a yellow belt in karate! Hooray! I have a feeling this is a very common achievement in the young kids karate world, but we are excited about it none the less.

If you remember, he had a bit of a rough start, but committed to finish his six week trial, and then enjoyed it so much he wanted to continue. So anyway, here are a few pictures from his graduation. We are super proud of him, and love celebrating all of these little life moments.

testing in the old white belt

a little ceremony and certificate

This weekend, my sweet mama came over and watched the kids so that Bryan and I, and my dad could go work at our new church building all day. I painted, and the guys did all kinds of other stuff, etc... actually I really have no idea what they did, because I was busy painting, but they looked like they were hard at work every time I saw them.

When we got home we celebrated Bryan's birthday with prezzies, dinner and a cake that my mom and the kids had made. Isn't it pretty?!

Sunday night we got to hang out with some friends. The dads flexed their manly muscles and fixed a car, the kids played dress up/swords/play dough/hermit crab, and mamas cooked and worked on a ridiculously difficult 750 piece puzzle. Whyyyy? Why did I find it so hard to tear myself away from one hundred pieces that all look identical?

As we were finishing dinner it got dark and stormy. The winds blew, the rain started, and then it started hailing. And we all shouted "hooray, it's snowing!!" and jumped for joy (well not the guys, they were under the car, but the rest of us). I made a few bold attempts onto the porch to grab ice chunks to pass out to the kids to hold, and then we began to realize that it was about to be a really bad storm. After several threatening emergency tornado alert texts, we turned on the news and talked about "interior rooms". Good times...

After a big storm, like the one we had last night, the pond is full to the top and bustling with activity... If you never knew this, storms bring the frogs out in large number. They seems to come out of nowhere, millions of them. Well, lots of them, anyway. They sing their mating calls all night long, and into the morning. And in the morning, we find pairs of them all over the place, laying strands and strands of slimy eggs, that look like strands of black pearls. We haven't quite explained it all yet, so this morning Grady was so excited to find "a baby frog hanging on his mamas back". 

Hello frogs, so sorry to interrupt...

Bella & Lilly slept in until almost eight thirty this morning, so Grady had some nice quiet back porch time to himself. Just him and nature... He also spent a bunch of time looking for worms to transplant to my herb buckets, after all "worm poop is good for growin' stuff mama".

And on those very wonderful notes (frog lovin' and worm poop), I will say "have a great day".

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