Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mini Vacay (Part one)

A priority is what is important to us, and what we actually do. Our priorities are reflected in how we work, how we play, what we make time for, and in what we spend our spare time thinking about. Our priorities motivate us.

We've just returned from a little four day/three night mini family vacation. I can not lie, time spent with my family motivates me. It fuels me and recharges me.

Almost year and a half ago, we stayed at The Blue Heron Beach Resort, and did the time share presentation in order to receive a voucher for a future 4 day/3 night stay. It sounded like a good deal. This past month, they called us to set it up, and schedule it. We had actually forgotten all about it, so it was a fun surprise.

This trip was actually our third time staying there. We LOVE it. They have great prices for Florida residents, and all of the suites have two full bathrooms, full kitchens, living rooms and dining areas (along with either one or two full bedrooms). Each suite has a set of bunk beds perfect for kids, and a pull-out couch in the living room. There is one large pool, a smaller pool, a baby pool and a jacuzzi. I'm telling you, we completely love this place!

Anyway, Bryan's friend gave us Disney tickets for two days, so this past Friday, we checked in early at the hotel, unpacked and headed to Magic Kingdom. I must apologize in advance, for my very many touristy pictures. And for that reason, this will probably be a two-part post.

Awwww sweetness...

This was the beginning of a new found love. As it turns out, my brave Bella LOVES roller-coasters.

Saturday morning, we woke up, had a nice breakfast, did a little adventuring on the nature trail at the hotel, and then went to the pool.

 At one point, Lilly laid down on the dock and said "ahhh". Gotta love winter in Florida!

 I love how they love each other.

That night, we invited Bryan's parents over for dinner. After we ate we went to Downtown Disney to mosey around and stop to listen to some of the live bands. My normally shy girl jumped right in front of a large group of people all by herself, and danced around to her little heart's content. That makes this mama smile so big! We got back to the hotel in time to watch Epcot's fireworks from the balcony.

There were Internet connection problems on our first night at the hotel, and that night I decided to put the writing and the photo editing on hold, close the laptop, and just soak up the family time. We went to bed when the kids did, and slept in nice and late with them as well. All the extra sleep was a wonderful and welcome change to the norm of going to bed late (for me) and waking up early (for Bryan). Priorities, right?!

(Mini-vacay part two comin' up tomorrow. Happy Wednesday to ya!)

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  1. How fun! Glad you were able to get away with the family.