Monday, March 4, 2013

The Buckmans look for manatees, and say goodbyes.

The title of this post, has been brought to you from Bella.

Good morning!

This morning it's back to business as usual here in the Buckman house. We're doing school, running errands, doing five million loads of laundry, and playing freeze tag in the kitchen...

Friday was our last day together with Becky, Jens, and the girls. After breakfast, we walked/rode a bike/drove a kids truck to the pond by my house. We had a bag full of old bread waiting to be fed to the ducks, and figured a cold morning was a great time to use it up.

Later that morning, my dad came over to join us for the day. We had high hopes of getting a little exercise and fresh air, and seeing some manatees, and thought that Blue Springs State Park would be a very likely bet. (On some days, they count over 200 manatees spotted in the park.) We packed a lunch and had a little picnic.

"Fish, fish, fish!"

 We played on the playground, and played freeze tag.

In the end, we didn't see any manatees at all (other than the life sized cement and tiled one above). But we did get some exercise and fresh air, which counts for a lot.

And after we got home from the park, we packed up the minivan and sent our friends to the airport. It was so good to have so much time this month to spend with them. I loved lots of good conversations, and laughs, and hugs and smiles, and just sharing real, everyday life.

It's so good for my heart, all of this family time. And as often as we are not together, there is still that connection when we are. There is something about family, that knows and understands who you are, and sees the good in you, doesn't focus on all the many flaws and differences, and loves you just because you are you.

I'm thinking a trip to Denmark is in order... 

We love you Mama, and are missing you!!

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