Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Here fishy, fishy, fishy..."

There is something special about fishing. It's quiet and peaceful and still. It's repetitive and relaxing. It's also a little bit like gambling. I keep feeling like, "ok, maybe the next time will be the time I catch something. Just one more cast. Just one more cast..."

Our calender is almost like a sixth family member in our house. We tend to think about it frequently, we take it everywhere with us, we consult it often, and regularly discuss it. Sometimes we love that old schedule, and sometimes we groan at the sight of it. Bryan and I have chosen to work opposite days, so that one of us is always home with the kids. This is wonderful for our children, but it can be a little tiresome for the marriage. There are some times that we can literally go an entire week without more than a few hours of actual awake, alone (or just our family) time together. In turn, there are other weeks that we do have a few full days together, so I am not complaining, just 'splaining.

Anyway, this weekend we had a few hours of time set aside, just for our little family. We asked the kids what they would like to do, and the answer (mostly from Grady, but all agreed) was to go fishing. I love that they chose something quiet and relaxing, and outdoorsy, as opposed to like, the skating rink, or something.

We packed up the poles, and bait, and nets. It looked a little rainy, so Bella packed hats and every umbrella she could find. She is my little "prepared for everything" girl. She regularly wants to carry a purse full of band aids for "just in case", and is always ready to pack up drinks and snacks. 

There is a little pond near Bryan's parent's house, where Grady has been successful at bass fishing in the past. We unloaded all our junk, and then spent a few hours gambling... "Just one more cast, oh! maybe the next cast!" turned into not even one silly little fish caught. But that's the thing about fishing. It's just good to get outside, breathe some fresh air, stare at the movement on the water, and soak in a little time together.

And who cares about stinky little fish anyway?! I got to spend some time with my babes, and that is all I need.

In other news... this (now empty) box can only mean one thing!

Kay is here!!

Saturday night Kay and some girls from work (past and present) went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and catching up. Good times and interesting conversations...

Kay is my very favorite friend from England. We love her, and we love her parents too. And we are so happy to have all three of them in our lives. Plus they always bring us delicious chocolates and sweets.

Happy Monday my friends, and have a great week.
If you have any spare time, go fishing.


  1. I always smile after reading your post, I just adore you precious family =) Happy Monday Amy!!

  2. What no cookies for Mimi and Pappy??? Grrrrr.

    Again, a great post. I look everyday to see if there is a new one.