Saturday, March 2, 2013

Grill-a-palooza and the zoo.

This morning it was quiet in my house, and surprisingly, I didn't like it one bit. My kids all slept in until after 7:30am, and then quietly played legos, watched TV and stuck stickers on pieces of paper.

This past week has been a little wild and crazy, and busy, and messy, and loud, and exhausting, and I have consumed far too much coffee, delicious dinners and desserts, but it has been wonderful.

Lilly woke up today asking "where's Aunt Becky, mama?" and Bella wanted to know how soon until we can call them on Skype. And this afternoon Grady (who is a little slower than the girls) asked if Aunt Becky was still at the airport, and if we should go get her and bring her back. We've loved this past month, and are missing our Denmark family already.

It happened on Wednesday. Grill-a-palooza (or Gorilla frooza per Grady). Grill-a-palooza is a feast of chicken, steak and shrimp, marinated in an orange sesame sauce and grilled to perfection. The meats are complimented by grilled peppers, onions and pineapples, and the whole thing is served over a mix of wild and black rice. It's amazing. Really. (And this guy can grill like nobody's business!)

While I was skewering everything in sight, Jens and Lilly made a fun little whole wheat dough treat for the kids for later in the evening.

After dinner, we waited for way too much food to settle in our full little bellies, and played instruments on the back porch... because life with children is never boring, or very quiet.

For our dough treat: the dough gets wrapped around a campfire stick, and cooked over the fire. You could also wrap this around hot dogs, or add cinnamon and raisins for something extra fun. Anyway, the kids had a fun time eating something that had been cooked over the fire.

Baths and bedtime stories followed our relaxing sit by the fire. And then little loves went to sleep, and grown ups sat around the table talking and drinking hot tea. And it was good.

On Thursday, we woke up and ate a giant breakfast complete with blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs and fruit (seriously, the amount of festive eating around here is crazy).

 And after breakfast, the kids played knights in shining pajamas. Yikes!

The weather was cool and sunny, which has been the theme around here lately, in between days of warm and sunny, so after Bella got home from CC, we decided to rock the Central Florida Zoo.

These two big sisters make me laugh, running here and there with their strollers, and the littles just hang on for the ride.

My favorite thing at the zoo is for sure, the river otters. They are so playful and active, and fun. If you could be any animal, instead of a human, what would you like to be? I'm thinking either a dolphin or a river otter would be good choices.

Ok, so Ines does not like to take pictures, and definitely does not like to smile for the camera. My mom however, at the very beginning of their vacation, asked for a group picture to frame for her house, which we knew would be a little challenging. So, I gave Ines the camera remote and told her that I needed her help to take our pictures. Every time she pushed the clicker though, she had to smile. I love the sweet look on her little face in the picture below, as she was practicing. She did a great job, and I think my mom will be happy to see these!

That evening, we repeated the bedtime routines, and then the grown-ups stayed up talking, laughing and playing games. We started off with "Would you rather?" which is just hysterical but really stupid, then moved on to "Loaded Questions" and then onto "Apples to Apples".  It was just good to sit and share with friends, and I'm so thankful that we had that opportunity.


  1. Amy, I just love reading all your posts..It looks like you guys had a great time with your sister being in town :) I can't say it enough but you and your hubby's kiddos are so beautiful!! They are truly our lil angel blessings don't you agree!?! I also wanted to tell you, you really have an eye for taking pictures :) You go girl! Hope to catch up with you soon hun! By the way, I never know what to choose to comment this as so I pick anonymous each time...

    Brooke Mendenhall-Redhead

    1. You are so sweet Brooke. We did have a great time with them. If you choose "Name/URL" it will let you type in your name (you don't have to put anything under the URL part). Thank you for your sweet words, I love reading them!