Friday, March 29, 2013

From across the pond.

It's a good time of year, this is. Our sweet friends from across the pond have come for a visit whilst on holiday. Just when I'm beginning to think "I've not seen them for yonks", they're back! 
I met Kay when I worked in the PACU at Arnold Palmer Hospital, back before Winnie Palmer Hospital was even built. We bonded over late night discussions and nine o'clock rules (which automatically means if it's discussed after 9 o'clock pm, it can't be repeated), and a bizarre physician request (like weighing a pt in PACU). When WPH opened, we both transferred to PACU at Winnie. I can remember a specific day that I was walking into work, thinking to myself about how lucky I am to work in a place where I walk in and get hugs from friends. And I wondered how many other people have that privilege. Since we both worked the same evening shift, we seemed to encounter a vast array of strange, yet humorous (looking back) events, and she has become a friend that I am so blessed to have.

Kay moved back to England 3 years ago, but still manages to come for a visit with her parents every six months or so. Ever since she then, we make sure that we get a chance to have all three of them over for dinner every time they're here.

Here's a fun little look back through the past three years... 
 Baby Lilly was six weeks old, Grady was almost two and Bella was just three and a half.


There are a few things that are certain to happen when they come. They will shower us with way too many delicious chocolate and sweets, there will be piano playing and singing and clapping, there will be a large dinner, The Buckmans will eat dessert and coffee after dinner, and our guests will take theirs home (they must not have a separate dessert stomach like we do).

This was a first for us. Lilly was so tired at dinner, that she fell asleep while eating. However, not to worry, she didn't starve, because she continued to eat, even in her sleep.

Photo by Bella. Thank you Bella! Great job, baby! I love you!

Recently the game "blanket monster" has been added to the list of traditional fun activities, in which poor Mr. Keith gets covered in blankets, and then comes "rooooaring" out to scare the children. It's good fun.

Oh, how we enjoy their company and are so thankful that we get to spend some time with them while they're here. Come back soon, my friends!


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