Saturday, March 2, 2013

And we celebrate!

It happened for me, when I was Bella's age. I was in the bathroom of our little home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was actually sitting in a trash can, with my legs hanging out the front and my arms out to the sides, like you would, if you were riding in an inner tube. My parents prayed with me, and I prayed on my own. And then I danced.
For weeks now, Bella has been asking questions about what it means to be "a Christian" and "how do you get to become one?". We've done our best to explain what we believe, and make things as simple and understandable as possible.
It's the most beautiful expression of love and sacrifice and forgiveness and reconciliation.
We believe that people are born sinful, and because of that sin, we are separated from a perfect God. We believe that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross was a payment for all the sins of the world, and accepting that payment is the only way that we can be reconciled to God. We believe that when we acknowledge our sins, and make a commitment to trust in Jesus Christ and to accept his death as a payment for our own personal sins, that those many sins, past present and future, are forgiven and not held against us. And after that, we are blameless in God's sight, saved from death and eternal separation from God, and instead we get to spend an eternal life with Him.
This month, in Bella's Clubhouse Jr. magazine, there was an article specifically about accepting the treasure of salvation. As soon as she found it, she said "I want to do this!"  We waited until Bryan got home, and then together as a family, we sat with her while she prayed. And oh, how I fought back the tears of joy. And then I danced.
The world is not always kind and life is not always easy, but trusting the one who holds the world and gives the life, brings amazing peace and true joy.
Since the early days of my pregnancy I have prayed for my babies to know the love of Christ, and that is still my prayer. As a Christian mama, more than anything, I want my children to know, to really truly know, their Creator and their Saviour. I want them to have a relationship of their own, and not a religion of just following rules. I want them to know the meaning of grace and forgiveness, and understand that they will fail and make mistakes, and that it's ok. I want them to know that they are never alone, and that they are so loved by the one that created them. I want them to know that they were made for a purpose, and that their life is valuable. And I want them to seek and follow God, who wants what is best for them.
The next morning, I pulled out the special plate, and the balloons, and pink tulle, and ribbons. Bryan and I talked with Bella, about how she is not only our daughter, but also our sister in Christ, and about how now she has a whole new family with other believers. She called friends and family and told them her big, exciting news. I smiled as I could hear big "Praise the Lord!"s and "Hooray"s from the other end of the line.  And we celebrate!


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  1. Love this. Love you guys. Love the precious gift of grace and salvation that we can each have.