Monday, March 4, 2013

A little bit of life.

Last week, I posted this picture, and said "sometimes, homeschool looks like this:"

Usually, it looks like this:

It's true.

Earlier this week we started a three week series on South America, called "Where in the World is Mimi?". If anyone can come up with a catchy little tune for our lesson, let me know. My mom is a travel agent, and is currently taking a group on a 21 day tour of South America. We will be keeping up with her on her travels, learning about the the city she's in each day and checking out pictures and videos online.

This weekend, Bella found some kind of little art instructional for kids on TV.

I found her in the kitchen, with paper and colored pencils, and working busily. She watched intently and copied the artists every move. When she missed something, she'd ask in a whisper "what did he say, mama?".  She was so focused.


Grady also worked on a blue bird of his own.

Today Grady informed me that his Thomas pajamas were just like clothes, and that he didn't need to get dressed, because everyone loves Thomas, and if someone sees his jamas, they'll just think it's a really nice Thomas outfit... and then he pushed his sleeves up and said "see, I can even turn these jamas into a short sleeved shirt". So today he wore his pajamas to the library and the vegetable stand. And I didn't care one little bit.

And we are still keeping up with Mimi, who is at the end of the world today. After watching some YouTube videos on the Falkland Islands, it seems like a very friendly place to visit, just really cold.  Grady liked seeing the fishing pictures from Cape Horn. Sometime this week we have a glacier on the itinerary, which should be fun to see.

Here he was making a map of his own, and explaining to Lilly where the best fishing places are.

Happy Tuesday to ya, I hope you're having a great week!


  1. You're a good mama. I love the photos as always. School looks like fun, i want to come and follow along on your mom's journey, that sounds so neat!

    Elijah loves to draw, what was the site that Bella found online?

    Have a great day!

  2. Too fun! That is an awesome way for them to keep up with Mimi! I love Grady’s comment on where the best fishing places are! Love and miss you guys!