Friday, February 22, 2013

Vicarious Vacationing

So (as you may know) my sister and her boyfriend and his two kids are all here visiting from Denmark, and we are spending as much time with them as we can. I started thinking today about how much I'm enjoying their vacation. It's been almost like a vacation for us too. Before Becky even got here, we had planned several "definites" that we wanted to do while they were here. Things like eat crab legs at Dixie Crossroads, go strawberry picking, and go to the beach were on our list. Also on the list was breakfast at The Old Spanish Sugar Mill and canoeing at De Leon Springs State Park.

My mom had given all the kids a pair of sunglasses before we left. As you can see, mine did not want to part with them. We made pancakes at the table, and added blueberries and strawberries. Eating delicious all-you-can-eat whole grain pancakes is a good idea before canoeing, for extra energy and all...

After we ate, we checked out the super cold 72 degree spring with our piggie toes. Jens actually went for a swim, but the rest of us were not so brave.

Eventually, we were off, on a wild canoeing trip... well, maybe not so wild, but it was fun. We saw an alligator, a few manatees, and lots of birds. The temperature was cool and breezy and the sun was bright. It was a perfect day for being out on the water.

Oooh, this girl of mine. She started out the trip saying "I don't like boats, mama" over and over and over. And I don't think she was lying. I definitely got the impression that she doesn't like boats...

The rest of us had a great time however.

Hellooo, baby!

Oh, how I love these two!

Our list of "things to do while Becky is here" is quickly becoming complete, and that makes me feel just gloomy. I think all we have remaining is a "famous Buckman grill-a-palooza" (or as Grady says a "gorilla-frooza") which will be next week while they stay with us for a few days. I'm so thankful for the time that we've had with them, but my heart is so sad that it's so short. I guess that's why it's so important to make the most out of the time we have, whether it's with someone we see once a year, or with someone we see everyday. We never know when it will be the last time, right?

On that happy note, we are off to enjoy a day of "normal" every day, non-vacation-ish activities.


  1. Love De Leon Springs and the pancakes! Lovely day and a lovely post~