Saturday, February 23, 2013

Simple Days

Life is amazingly good when it's simple and amazingly simple when it's good. ~Terri Guillemets

First up, I have changed the way the "follow by email" link (to the right) works. Unfortunately, that means that my sweet friends who were receiving email notifications of new posts, will no longer receive those notifications. I'm sorry. Please re-subscribe, if you feel so inclined. Another way to keep up with new posts is to "like" This Abundant Life on Facebook, again, if you feel so inclined.

While I'm at it, "thank you" to those of you that are reading this. I love this little space and the opportunity it affords me to be creative and reflective, and I love sharing my heart with you and making some new friends in the process. I appreciate you taking the time to spend with my little family, and your sweet words of encouragement.

Ok, now for some big news! Do you notice anything new and exciting in the pictures below? Um, yes. That's right! My little guy has been belted. And he could not be more happy about it. He's closing on his six week karate commitment, and wants to continue on, and so we shall.

Check out that split! And dear kid inches from my son's head, please do not pass gas.

Some days, homeschool looks like this...

...but most days it doesn't. Most days Grady and Lilly play (loudly) in the living room (making large messes with as many toys as possible) while I do Bella's teaching, and then I teach Grady while Bella is (quietly) doing her seat work. Today everyone was settled and still, working quietly. It may have been a dream.

And another new and exciting first... big boy is writing his name! In August, the day before we started school, Grady was most looking forward to learning to write his name.

I love how little sister tries to help big sister do her work, and big sister tries to teach little sister how to write letters. I'm thinking about retiring.

As much as I love all the fun and exciting things we have been up to lately, I sure do love simple, quiet days at home. Today we played Legos, and wrestled, and made homemade pizzas. And it was good.

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