Thursday, February 14, 2013

Good Times.

Grandpa Guy is in town, and so is my sister Becky. Oh, will wonders never cease?! After a delicious lunch at Dixie Crossroads, we headed over the the fire station to see Bryan.

We got there just in time to watch a pumping test, and enjoy a little dance in the rain.

Bryan took the kids (and Becky and Jens) for a little ride in the fire truck. After a while, Bryan got a call, and we all got to watch the firetruck ride away with lights flashing and sirens screaching.

And after being stuck in the car for way too long, the kids came home... and got back in the car.

It's a car full of girls! Beep beep! Hey baby!

Later that week, we went back to Melbourne to enjoy our favorite burger place, called The Burger Place in downtown Melbourne.


I got this fun little tent at WalMart for 15$. You put it together, and then use the markers included to color it. The kids loved it, and then after they were done with it, we took it down and packed it up for later use. It was fifteen bucks well spent!

Have a great day!