Sunday, February 3, 2013

Abundant Sunday

Tonight I'm so thankful for all of this life we've been given, and how truly full it is. I have got a whole week to catch up on, so I'm gonna rock a very nice, long, photo-filled post.
This week's abundance:
-A cozy day at home. This past Sunday, two of my three little loves were sporting a runny nose and a nasty cough, so we "played hookie" from church for the day. As much as we missed being with our church family, we enjoyed a relaxing day at home. We played, had a tea party, and painted. (And this week, we were so, so happy to be back!)


 Thank you to Papa, Nana, Aunt Brittany and Uncle Eric for the never ending supply of arts and crafts. It's the Christmas gift that keeps on giving!

-Fresh flowers. I love them, and they make me smile.


Bryan was waiting in line at BJ's, when Bella and Grady went and picked these out for me. I'm so thankful for kiddos that love their mama.
-A trip to the dentist. Really. This week we took all three of our little loves to the dentist for the first time. I have to admit, I was a little worried about how they would do, but they each exceeded my expectations. I'm thankful that we found a great dentist and an office that the kids really liked. I'm even happier that we made it out unscathed and cavity free. The kids had such a good time, they didn't want to leave.

-Puppet shows. Bryan took Grady to karate class, and Lilly was napping. It was just me and my girl, and the puppets. I am in love with her quiet creativity.

-Burger Night. It's no secret. I've said it before. I heart burger night. I love burgers, and the thrill of the grill, and an evening with friends.

Grady had just gotten up from the seat beside Lilly. It was quite a fun-filled table.

-Play date picnics at the park. It's good stuff. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, the babies are beautiful, the mamas get to sit in the sun and chat, and the children have a blast getting all of their energy out.

 They played a little baseball, and cheered each other on.

Hello, beautiful babies...

-Classical Conversations. We are so super thankful for Bella's CC teacher, and all the work she puts in each week. She does a great job teaching new things, and makes it interesting and fun to learn.

-Gifts! Our sweet friends delivered this little beauty to us the other night. It has been a source of constant entertainment. Grady and Bella have become amazing drivers, and Lilly likes having her own special seat. When she gets tired of looking around, she lays down in the back, and hangs her legs out of the side.

Tonight I have been thinking a lot about the gifts I have been given. And I don't mean gifts like paint and flowers and F-150's. I'm talking about real stuff. The stuff that matters. Like breath, and life, and health, and sunsets, and a new day, and a cool breeze, and a warm sun, and my husband's eyes, and my children's hands, and a song in my heart, and a smile, and a hug, and a friendship, and a God that cares, and listens, and knows, and loves, and forgives, and provides, and who is oh, so very generous.
 Thank you Lord, for this abundant life.


  1. Yep, you rocked this blog. I loved the last paragraph. If it so true and you said it so well.

  2. God is good.

    And i'm going to need to get the name of your dentist.