Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What do you do all day?

My grandfather came for a visit the other week, and asked this question, "So what do you do all day?" It wasn't one of those questions that implies that I do absolutely nothing, it was a true contemplation of what we actually spend our days doing. I chuckled, and replied, "well, I don't know." So for my Grandpa, this is what we do all day...

-Play. We play a lot in this house. One of my favorite things about having all three of these beautiful little loves within three and a half years, is that they LOVE to play together. Of course, sometimes there is fighting, and "he's on my chair", and "she took my baby" and "she's messing up our bird's nest" and "MOM!! He's RUINING my show!!"... but for the vast majority of the time, they spend hours a day playing and imagining, and enjoying each other. And that makes this mama smile.

They play adventure boat, right in the middle of where everyone walks.

And just like mama, Lilly always has her camera and her cell phone in her purse. Because you never know...

Sometimes the boat needs fixing, and sometimes you need to shine a flashlight in your eye while searching for land.
We built a three bedroom beaver dam, with chairs and pillows and blankets, and I will say that it is entirely possible that I fell asleep inside that dam. If you've never been inside a beaver dam, you should go. It was very dark and cozy in there...

-School. It's usually in the morning, after breakfast, after a little playing, after getting dressed and after brushing teeth. Although, we have often been known to do school in our jamas, or at the doctors office, or before (gasp!) we brush our teeth. It's the beauty of homeschoolin'!

This morning Grady started with an empty circle, and for every correct blend and word he read, he added a body part. He is a reading rockstar.



-We spend time outside. Sometimes it's jammied and right after breakfast, and sometimes it's all afternoon. This is one of the biggest reasons that I can't wait for our little farm. These kids are just outside creatures that come alive with singing and laughing and dancing and smiling, and breathe in every bit of this teeny tiny backyard space.



-We make things. The kids received a whole lot of fun arts and crafts stuff for Christmas, and have been painting and coloring and drawing up a storm. Bella has been carefully making bracelets for friends and family as little gifts.


-We grow things. Right now our garden is pretty bare, but my mama gave me this amaryllis for Christmas. I think this is probably the fifth time she has given me one of these for Christmas, and for the first time, I am getting around to planting it in before it dies...

-We make lots of fires and eat way too many hot dogs... it's true. I confess.

-And occasionally we all go out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I don't know why I like it so, but I do. There are two strange things that happen, every single time we go there. The first is, one of us states something like "this reminds me of our trip to Pennsylvania" or "we should be going to a gator game" or "are we going back to the Amish house after this?". And the second is, without fail, every single time, and at least once, a stranger comes up to the table and comments on our children. Either they are beautiful, or well behaved. And that makes me wonder, what is it about Cracker Barrel that brings out the best in my children? Maybe it's the rocking chairs, or the wooden triangle game, or the fireplace, or the checkers...I don't know. But it's true, they behave like a dream while we're there, which is probably why I like it so.

Goldilocks runs from chair to chair, trying them all out, to see which she likes best.

Of course there's Target, and grocery shopping, and cooking, and never ending laundry, and cleaning up, and then cleaning up again, and then, yep, cleaning up one last time before bed...

So to my grandpa, I think that's just about it. It's what we do all day. It's not flashy or fancy... but oh, this life we have is good. It's the every day, silly, seemingly meaningless things, that mean the most. Even the laundry and cleaning, it's all good. 


  1. I LOVE this post. Just real, honest, day-to-day life. Love the photo of Grady on the chair fishing, what a guy, and love the photo of Bella laughing.