Thursday, January 3, 2013

Over and over and over...

Since the season is almost gone, I thought I'd share two little videos. We have been watching them over and over and over and would love for you to join us in our lunacy.

The first one is a bunch of kids from New Zealand telling the Christmas story, and it makes me laugh. It really makes my kids laugh. And I don't even know how many times we have watched it over the past few weeks. Seriously, a lot. My favorite part is the donkey going up the hill, Bella's favorite part is when Mary tells Joseph that she's pregnant (and the pillow stuffed in her shirt), and Grady's favorite part is the star. I think you'll like it.

And the second one was a little JibJab card that Bryan's mamas friend made for us last year. And though it is a year old, it has re-surfaced, and is alive and well in The Buckman house again! They say their favorite part is when we all bust out the instruments, however the entire two minutes are spent in one continuous hum of laughter.


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