Sunday, January 13, 2013

Like Mama.

"This hat just called my name. I think it will be so perfect for Baby Elise. Don't you think so too, mama?" "Yes, baby. I think she'll love it." "Do you think I can take a picture of it? Maybe you can light this pretty candle? And put it right there. There. Doesn't that look pretty, mama?" "Yep. Sure does babe." And then she took a picture of a hat, on a table, sidled up just right to a candle. And she smiled at them, sitting there, so pretty. And I looked at her, smiling at a hat, on a table, next to a candle, with my big camera in her little hands, and I smiled.

Her birthday party is 35 days away, but she is in full planning mode. I'm a planner. I love it. I love making lists, and getting stuff done early, and I love the sight of things getting already done, and piled up in the corner of my dining room. Every day she asks me to review the events of the big day, what we will eat, what we will play, what have we accomplished already, and what do we still have to do. And I truly think she could care less about the fact that it's her birthday, and that she might get some presents. Sister just wants to party with her friends.

Today we went to Joann's to work on some party planning, and while I deliberated for way too long over fake flowers, the kids found little birds and bunnies to entertain themselves with.

Lilly had come into the store carrying this pile of necklaces. When she saw the bunnies however, she decided to part with them. "Here piggies. Necklaces for you." And then she threw her pearls to the pigs...

Bella picked out beads that she wanted to make necklaces out of "for her friends at the party".

Today I taught her how to thread the beads with a needle. She was busy working on her project while I was cleaning up after lunch. I looked over, and heard her talking quietly. She was carefully teaching Grady how to do it himself. She was gentle and sweet, and said "you can do this too Grady, because you're a big boy." And big boy made a necklace, and was so proud of himself.

Bella wanted to model her newest necklace, and wanted me to take a picture of it, so I did. We came back inside, and found little sister in her own little world, rocking and singing to her baby.

These precious little lives are like mirrors, reflecting what they see and hear everyday. There are times they say or do things that make me think "where in the world did that come from?" or make me cringe when I know exactly where that came from.

There are some days when I wonder if my kids will be anything like me, and times that I hope they won't. And there are days when I feel like I am completely missing the mama mark, and getting it all wrong. And then there is today. And when I see them planning parties, and wanting to be a good friend, and a gentle teacher, and a loving mama, I think I must be doing a few things right.