Friday, January 25, 2013

Karate Kid and The Tiny Dancer.

First of all, I have to start by saying, that if you have kids, I would probably like your kids. I just think kids in general are pretty cool. They've got plenty to say, and they are a constant source of entertainment. Also of note, I am fully aware that boys and girls all over America take dance lessons and go to karate classes. I know that. But that being said, I just think my kids are so darn cool. And I so enjoy watching them try new things, and muscle through obstacles, and gain new skills. I love seeing the almost palpable change in their confidence when they are nervous and scared, but try something new, stick with it, and then rock it. Seriously.

We are so proud of this guy. He had a rough start of his first few karate classes but he is on a roll now of completing the whole class without coming back to us. He has so much fun, and actually does really well.

 My little long and lean. She is built just like her daddy. After coming back to dance class after a two year break, she is ready to rock and roll. She will be doing two dances in the recital, one tap and one ballet. She is the first one on stage for both dances, and that makes this mama smile.


After Bella's CC, we had a little picnic under the trees. The weather has been so nice and cool, it's almost hard not to go out and enjoy it (even for this homebody). Also, poor Lilly has had a runny nose and a cough, so Grady frequently informs me that she needs to get some vitamin D from the sun, so that she'll get better... I'm sure that came from Bryan.

This girl makes me laugh. She was so concerned that the birds in the trees wanted to come and eat her yogurt, and kept asking if the eagles (which there were none of) were going to bite her. Drama.

Oh, these little personalities, all their own. It's amazing to me how they are each so unique. They are funny, and quirky, and smart, and so darn cool. I am thankful to be their mama, and so grateful for the opportunity to get to know them. I think it might be time for another interview...

Happy Friday to ya, enjoy your weekend!
Go out an get some Vitamin D.


  1. Well I don't like your children - I totally LOVE them :-)
    I love their individual personalities (so beautifully infused with shades of you & Bryan), how happy they always are to see me, how contented they are when being read to and, most of all, I LOVE how comfortable they are with me and how excited they always are to see me. Even though they only see me twice a year they ALWAYS run to greet me with smiley faces to warm my heart & are full of hugs & snuggles.
    And in those moments, life is good :-) xxx

    PS - Definitely time for another interview ;-)

    1. We all love you, and are always excited to see you!! (I doesn't hurt that you bring chocolates!) ;o)