Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!

This week, I'm looking back on 2012 and looking forward to a new year.

I have a beautiful silver ornament that opens with a little hinge. Over the years, before we put the Christmas decorations away, Bryan and I, and now the kids also, have written down hopes for what the next year would hold. Things like "get pregnant, have another baby, buy some land, take a family camping trip, go fishing" etc... and then at Christmastime the next year, we get it out and smile over the way things actually played out.

Last year, Bryan and I made a list of goals for ourselves for the upcoming year. We tried to include every aspect of our life, as in goals for parenting, our marriage relationship, spiritual goals, health/fitness goals, financial goals, intellectual goals, etc... and then sometime this week we will sit down together and review last years goals, and make some new ones for this coming year. (I will say, that my very disciplined husband enjoys this whole process much more than I do. Part of me wants to cringe at the thought of last years goals coming out, because I am SO sure that at least half of my list remains undone. The good news is, that means I have half of my list for this year already written...)

On New Years Day, we celebrated the start of a new year with a picnic at the park and some church friends. While there are a million things that I love about picnics and friends, one of my absolute favorites is when other people take in my kids, and when we get to return the favor. As in, friends played badminton, horseshoes, frisbee and catch with my little loves. And the whole "will you watch Lilly while I go take pictures?" thing. And I know that while I'm gone, Lilly is truly being watched. There is something so special about how I feel loved when my friends love my kids.

That morning, Bella and I went to the park to claim a pavilion, and to set up a little. After everything was done, we had a good hour of time to waste. So we took pictures of each other, played a silly "guess what animal I am" game, and went for walks. This girl actually enjoys helping, and looks for helpful things to do. As much as I love being her mama, I sure enjoy her friendship too.

Can you guess what animal she is? Yep, that's right. A monkey, swingin' in the trees.

Bryan (and many little helpers) grilled up some hot dogs.

While I was eating my hot dog, I was musing "what is it about dirt that is so inviting? Why is it, that as soon as these two see dirt, they feel the need to cover themselves in it?" my friend suggested I try it out to see. The thought of me, sitting in a pile of dirt, sprinkling sand all over my clothes and building little dirt castles just made me laugh. Who wants to try it sometime?!


I think I'm going to add "have a bunch of picnic parties" to my list of things I hope for, for this coming year. Worms and dirt probably will not make my list, however...

I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve & Day, and if you have any favorite traditions or hopes for your new year, I'd love to hear 'em!


  1. I love your traditions! We eat sauerkraut every New Years Day for good luck!

  2. Always the same, lose 15

  3. My goal for 2013 is to be cancer free!