Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get on the floor!

This morning, Bella and I were up early working on one of her art projects. She was making a Perler Bead giraffe. It comes with a little instruction sheet, to help you put the right beads in the right places. At one point she said, "mom, this paper is just a guide. I'm going to do it my own way". Well, ok then. So this giraffe has a big white smile.

So after all of the little beads were exactly where she wanted them, he got covered with contact paper, and then melted with the iron.
Hello, squished giraffe.

Then you pull off the paper, and he is so pretty and smooth. We stuck a magnet to him, and now he lives on the fridge.

It is always notable, on the day after I work. The kids just seem a little clingy, and like they need a little more mama lovin' than normal. I usually try to make a point of spending extra time just being with them. Like, just being present with them. Not checking my phone, or working on my laptop in the same room, but just sitting on the floor playing with them. Today, after school, Target and Publix, we did puzzles and games, and played restaurant. And what started as a dinner in my honor at the "Yey Yey for you" restaurant, turned into me waiting on the very demanding staff.


I found myself completely laughing, as I ran here and there with plastic food, while they rattled off their orders, and then changed their minds a million times. I think they enjoyed my dramatic struggles. At one point, I handed Bella a hamburger on a plate and said "here, pretend this is your chocolate cake" and kept running. I think it must be good for your health to act like a complete fool every now and then.

Sometimes I really have to challenge myself to actually get down on the floor and play, but it means so much to them. It's just taking the time to enter their little 2-3 ft high world, and going along with whatever crazy games they are playing, and they love it. And oh how I love them!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Good job on the giraffe Bella. I like how you added the big smile. It's a friendly giraffe now.

    Amy, it's so great how you really make it a point to connect with your children in play.

    C.S. Lewis said, "When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness." I love that!

  2. I love that quote, Melissa! I've never heard it before, thanks for sharing!