Monday, January 21, 2013

A lonely homebody, I would be.

By nature, I'm a homebody. If it were acceptable, I would stay in my pajamas all day, and I would be completely fine with someone going grocery shopping for me, and delivering it to my door. I might finally catch up on my laundry, cook a bunch of new things, and would do a million arts and crafts with my kids.
I think all-inclusive resorts are a dream come true, and a trek around Europe doing a day here, and a day there, and rushing to and fro, sounds like a nightmare to me. I love staying in places that have kitchens with refrigerators that I can stock, and dresser drawers that I can unpack my suitcases in.
Eventually, however, after all of that nesting, I would miss my friends and family. And as much as my kids like jama days, they would be missing people too. If only my friends would come spend jama day at my house with me... we could do arts and crafts, and laundry... Wouldn't that be fun?!
(It should be noted, that jama day is rare, and only occurs when my husband is at work, because he is not a homebody at all. That man is adventure guy, and he is all about running around outside, playing at the park, going fishing, and would totally choose a million vacation excursions over unpacking suitcases and stocking a fridge.)
Anyway, all of that to say, Friday the weather was cold and drizzly, and as much as I would have normally wanted to stay inside, I had made lunch plans with a friend, and I was SO glad I did. Between illnesses, and coughs, and Christmas plans, we had not spent much time with them over the past few weeks, and we were missing them.

Lunch turned into three o'clock, and "what do you have planned for dinner tonight?" "Uhh.. nothing really, what about you?" and "why don't you stay for pizza?" "ok". The kids played nicely, and we ended up staying until after 6pm.

Saturday we celebrated the first birthday of a sweet little boy, and then had a spur of the moment, fireside, chicken fajita meal, get together with friends and kids and ended with roasting marshmallows.

Sunday after church, we did a little shopping, then went to take pictures of our land (sniff sniff) for the realtor.

Which brings me to a side note- If you or anyone you know, are looking for ten acres of beautiful land in the Black Hammock of Oviedo, let me know. The land will need work. Like clearing, and digging, and bringing fill dirt in, etc... but if you have connections or extra money, or a bunch of fill dirt laying around, it might be just what you're looking for. It really is such a great location, quiet and secluded, and yet close to SR417. Here are a few pictures:

From there we went to celebrate Bryan's beautiful sister's birthday. I was so super excited to be able to take some maternity pictures of Brittany and her husband Eric, and in return, she took a few pictures of my bunch.

Bella was sporting a really beautiful hot pick feather headband, which I asked her to take off for the picture. You can see it laying behind her on the grass.

Then somehow, in the middle of two pictures, this happened... But nobody noticed at the time, until we were reviewing the pictures an hour later. I take that back, maybe Lilly noticed.

These kids LOVE being read to.

 This was an emergency candle stand in. I love it!
And after cake balls and ice cream and singing "Happy Birthday", we sat in the cool night air, under the stars, staring into the fire. The kids ran around wielding flashlights, and giggling, and we all agreed that we love these moments.

And so I guess I would miss a lot if I stayed all tucked neatly into my house all the time. A lonely homebody I would be. These friendships and relationships are what make life so meaningful, and I can't imagine life without them.  

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