Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back to school.

On Thursday, Bella's Classical Conversations school started back up, after a very nice, long, winter break (since before Thanksgiving).

This week we learned about the artist Giotto.

(From Bright Ideas for Learning:)
Giotto di Bondone - When Giotto was a young boy tending sheep in the mountains of northern Italy, he drew pictures to help pass the time. A traveling artist discovered Giotto's drawings and offered him an apprenticeship. There Giotto learned how to make paintbrushes and art tools, which minerals could be used to create different colors of paint, and worked on drawings and small parts of paintings. Eventually Giotto left to find work on his own. He became the chief master of cathedral building and public art in Florence, Italy. Giotto is best known for painting people who appeared three-dimensional rather than flat.

Many paintings of Giotto's time were made with egg tempera paint on special panels of wood. There were no art stores, so each artist had to make paint by grinding minerals, clay, berries, or even insects into fine powder and mixing this pigment with egg yolk and water. Egg tempera makes a thin, fast drying coat of bright color. The paint is very strong and long lasting. Giotto's beautiful egg tempera paintings are over 700 years old!

The kids used a mixture of crushed chalk and egg yolk to paint with. The colors were beautiful, and dried glossy.

They fell right back into the groove of memorizing a ridiculous amount of information, science experiments, and doing a speech presentation in front of their class.

They were learning about the Earth and seasons.

We are so blessed by this CC community, the parents, the director, and Bella's teacher. They are fellow homeschoolers, families, believers in Christ, and sweet friends. And being together just makes this little homeschool adventure so much more fun!

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