Sunday, January 13, 2013

Abundant Sunday

-Our church this morning. We LOVE our church. We love it so much, that its location weighs heavily on our minds when choosing a future home location for our family.
-Lunch with friends. Two things I love; eating lunch at a fun, old fashioned "greasy spoon", and eating there with friends.
-Relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon.

-Little pigs. Tucked neatly under my favorite little boy.

-Sunsets. Lilly walked past the back door, froze in her tracks and pointed. In a whisper she said "Look Mama. It's bootiful!"

-Evening family walks. We started at RiverWalk, ran around in the open field, stopped to watch the water fountains, and then played at the park for a little while.

Happy Monday to ya!
Enjoy your week!

1 comment:

  1. OH the sunset last night was sooo bootiful! It would have been amazing to see from the beach! You got a good shot of it though. I tried but we have a lot of trees around us so it wasn't as clear of the sky.