Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Buckman Family Christmas Photoshoot

Hooray for Christmas pictures!  I love taking Christmas pictures and sending happy little smiles off with Christmas cheer, and I love getting Christmas pictures from friends and family. And I love that pictures on Christmas cards have become all the rage. Ok, I just had to get that off my chest.

In the past, we have always tried to rock the self-timer or the remote control. This year, my good friend Kim and I got smart. We and our families got all dolled up, met at a park, switched photo cards, and photographed each other, then gave the cards back, and edited the pictures ourselves. Smart, right?! And we had fun with friends, which is always good stuff!




I love the next three pictures. We found mistletoe hanging on a tree, however my very sweet husband refused to kiss me on the lips since I had lipstick on...

The end!
(For photo credit purposes, all pictures that I am not in, were taken by Kimberly Kimmig. All others, were taken by me. My watermark is on each one, as I am the owner, and they are copyrighted property. And that's the end of that!) 

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  1. Great pictures! I think those last two are my favorites but they are all adorable!