Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Rockin' around the Christmas tree...

This morning I'm focusing on Christmas-y things, old and new, that are rockin'.

1. Family Christmas Parties.
Bryan's dad and his dad's best friend (since the age of 15) went to school together, married their high school sweethearts, had kids, and now their kids are having kids. And every year since forever, these two families have a Christmas party. It has been so fun watching our two families grow and change. At our next party, there will be two more grandchildren, for a total of seven, and that is super exciting.

This is The Buckman bunch.

These two sweet friends were born three weeks apart.

Bryan's mom made these gorgeous tutus for the girls to wear. They LOVE them!

After dinner, we played an interesting, and new-to-me, game. We divided into three teams. Each team chose a captain, and was then given a pair a panty hose, a bag of balloons, and ten minutes to make the longest reindeer antlers to be worn by the captain. Absolutely hilarious!

After the game was over, the kids decided to host their own game, where they had to fight with their horns, and whoever fell down first lost.

It was entertaining, for sure! After all of those shenanigans, we visited the cookie bar, and packed up goodies in tins to take home. Bryan's mama went all out, and it was a beautiful night.


 2. Giveaways.
I can not tell you how much fun I have had giving stuff away this past week. A few weeks ago, I sent a message out to a few friends, telling them that I'd like to have a little giveaway for Christmas, and asking if they would be interested in donating anything. Well needless to say, my friends are AMAZING, and have truly blessed me with a bunch of really fun gifts to pass on. If you haven't gotten in on the fun so far, all you have to do is leave a comment on the bottom of the giveaway post, and you'll be entered to win.

3. Kids singing Christmas carols in the Sunday morning church service, followed by lunch with my parents at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Even the baby dolls like hot tea.

4. Advent Calendars.
Christmas is coming!

5. Christmas shopping with my girl.
Dear family, I'm sorry. Bella has been wanting to buy everyone (that we will see for Christmas), a gift. She made a list of every name, and then my mom and I took her to Dollar Tree. I let her pick out one item for everyone on her list. We tried to do as little coaching as possible, and just help when she had questions.

Oh, how I love her heart. She carefully considered all of her gifts, and truly thinks each gift is perfect for it's recipient. She had chosen animal stickers for Grady, but when she saw this bath scrubby with a fish on it, she said "Oh! This is just perfect for Grady! I just know he's gonna love it!"

Plastic grapes, anyone? Her gifts will definitely bring some smiles this year.

6. Our second annual pajama trip to look at lights.
I am a sucker for Christmas lights, and the whole nighttime glowing ambiance thing. And the kids will yell out from the back seat "Mom, look! Take a picture of those Christmas lights!" So last night, we jammied up, and went to a super special place full of Christmas fun. The kids call it a wonderland...


A year ago to the day...
(Grady was sleeping in the stroller and missed out on all the fun.)


Oh, how I love me some Christmas-time! There are so many things that I have wanted to get done this year, that are just not happening. (For example, I have yet to make a single homemade Christmas cookie with my kiddos, there have been absolutely no Christmas-y arts & crafts done this year, and I still have no wreath hanging on my door, because I keep forgetting to buy a wreath hanger...). But there are so many good things that are getting done. And for that, I am so grateful.


  1. Wow, where in the world are those fun Christmas lights? We don't have many lights around us so I'd love to take the kids to someplace like that.

    I love Bella's giving heart as well. She's a sweetheart!

    1. They will LOVE it, Melissa! It's at Lake Mary City Hall. From I-4 go east on Lake Mary Blvd. Go a few miles, and it'll be on your left.

    2. Thanks! Maybe we could go by there on our way home picking up Geoff's sister from the airport on Christmas eve.

  2. Mmmmmm. Go Suellen! The cookies look wonderful! She even made the Hershey Kiss ones!

    Loved the pics from the past. Loved the pics from the present.

    You always do an amazing job.

    Love you!