Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favorite Days...

Tuesday was one of my favorite days. It was pond clean-out day. And that thought alone makes me excited. Over time, the pond grows algea and gets dingy looking. See how black the rocks are on the waterfall below? Yuck. So once a year, Bryan completely empities the pond and pressure washes it.

We put pond water into the two big tupperware bins in the back right of this corner of this picture, for the fish to go into.

This is Mrs. Miyagi. She is at least a year older than Bella. We originally named her Mr. Miyagi, but later realized that he was a she. She is the mother to two of the our other big koi, and she is as big as this box.

Once the fish are all out (we have 5) the fun begins. Bryan pumps the water out, through the fence, and into the street. And here is the best part. It's like watching the filth just peel off.

This frog was somehow more exciting than the pressure washing, and provided a good 30-45 minutes of entertainment.

Look how pretty the waterfall is now!

That night, this happened... I can't explain it.

And in the morning... behold! Clean and shiny, and sparkling!

The weather was cool and bright, and the kids were sitting outside feeding the fish (and Barkley appearently). Since they looked so cute, I grabbed my camera to take the picture above. "Oh no, I don't like those big tubs in the backround." So I moved. "Look over here guys!"... I guess it was too sunny.

That afternoon we went to a baby shower at the park with some friends. What a bunch of precious little faces!

And then grandpa came over. Oh, how I love grandpa. I really don't get to see him enough. I love his stories, and his humor, and his hugs. I love how he loves my babies, and how they love him right back.

And today, Bryan watched the kids while I finished up my Christmas shopping, went grocery shopping, got a haircut, and a Christmas Red mani/pedi. Grocery shopping alone is like a little mini vacation, but add all those other things in, and today was a favorite day too!

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