Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A party of a weekend.

This past weekend was one of those, where you recite your plans over and over, just so you don't forget anything. "First, we'll do this, then go here, then after that..." You know what I mean, right?

As you know, I love birthday parties. I love celebrating little lives, that have rocked our world, and changed us into people that think and behave differently than we did before they arrived. I love families that gather together to share in the celebrating, and in doing so, acknowledge the importance of a friends' child. And I love making a big stinkin deal over a special little one at least once a year.

The cool thing about the "big stinkin deal" of a party, is that it looks so different for every family. Some mamas go all out with matching and themed everything, including napkins, plates, decorations, themed foods with funny little names tags that fit the theme, and photo-op locations. And some mamas just pick a park and let the kids make their own fun. And whatever it looks like, it's all good, because at the heart of every birthday party, is a mama or daddy that just wants their kid to know that they are special and loved.

And so we celebrate. This weekend we celebrated two little friends, and another year of their lives.

Saturday night, a few families gathered together for an appetizer style dinner, and then a parade. Oh, how this family loves a parade. The excitement in the air, the sitting so tightly that you are forced to talk to the lady with the hot wings beside you, the bright flashing lights, the bands and the music, the dancers, the horses, the gymnasts, the boom of the bass drums, and the roar of engines, it's good stuff.

Below is a picture of Jamie, my friend forever (since I was four), and her family. And the next one is a picture of some sweet friends from church. That's another thing I love about parades, seeing friends all smiley and waving.

And now I must get back to Mary, Baby Jesus, and "The Wiseman that has five swords".

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